IEC Money Month Proposal


Money month is an annual financial literacy awareness and engagement campaign which aims to raise awareness of benefits of financial education.

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Digital Campaign idea:

The overall campaign would ride on the stated communication channels to reach, and to promote, campaign site, facebook, online ad, truck car, event.



People can their own RFID key chain during the pre-launch period



Targets the younger generation. main platform of the campaign game and education materials

Important channel to introduce the characters and the stories of each characters

Education materials, such as infographics and animation videos about money management would also uploaded to the website



Bus shelter:

  • Set up different offline checkpoints with RFID readers in bus shelter
  • Participants go to these checkpoints and engage in offline tasks to earn more virtual money
  • In bus shelter, money-related questions would be asked and answers would be displayed
  • Participants select their answer by tapping their RFID keychain to the RFID reader in the bus shelter
  • Virtual money in their money account would be updated immediately
  • So they could see how these money management decision will affect their wealth


Activities during event:

Game 1: Quiz game

  • Participants choose an answer to a question by scanning the RFID key chain within a time limit
  • The result would be shown on the larger screen in the small, similar to vote result
  • Learn the correct financial knowledge through the game



Game 2 : Smart budgeting family expenses

To educate the public how to allocate their household budget

  • Different buttons of different expenses, such as electricity bill, octopus top up value, rent, entertainment etc would be shown on large screen
  • They need to select how they allocate the given budget by pressing the buttons before they disappear
  • If participants selected all necessary spending correctly, they will have the remaining budget as saving and the amount would be added to their virtual money account
  • If participants selected wrongly, the virtual money will be deducted


Game 3:Basketball shooting game

  • Participants would be given a chance to shoot basket
  • Invest their virtual money and see if they can succeed
  • If succeed, the virtual money would be added to their account, or else it would be deducted from it
  • Similar to investing on stock, people needs to understand the risk of winning or losing money




Poster Mockup


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