CINE-GlASS enhancing movie experience

Cineglass is an eye-wearable technology dedicated to movie-goers that gives you new experience in cinema. With the digital lens, users can view info whenever they want to know more.  Connecting with the trackpad on chair-arm, and mobile application, Cineglass not only enhance the experience inside the cinema, but also after movie time. It stimulates goers rate and share with its save scene and rating function.

Background research:

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Idea Poster:


1st User test: 


Revised idea:


2nd User test: 

Users were tested by movie playing on screen with the help of paper prototype of hololens screen.

User would like to control by trackpad rather than from glasses, hand gesture.

Problem on asking question:
In previous testing results, users found frustration in asking questions part. This is because the answer problem is not what they want. Therefore, the asking question part changed to “information”. User can click for extra info.

Movie in cinema as a social activities:
Since how other think is important in movie watching, user can directly share the feelings inside cinema. They can also see how other think about the movie.

Final delivery :


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